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Week Number Four

In week number four of Hagar’s convalescence walking has taken on a more important role in our lives. The blogging dog leashed by his knee surgery does not roam free. Walks until a few days ago consisted of short trips around the yard to attend to nature’s call with an occasional trip down the drive.

While he and I limped along, sister Sophie lapped us at least three or four times at a breakneck pace to use up some of her pent up energy. Hikes are her favorite pass time.

A dog will not exercise itself outside on their own. Big dogs store up a lot of energy. It’s difficult to take her out while leaving brother locked in the house.

Listening to him cry when we leave is heart-wrenching. Besides, I worry that his aggravated pacing and running from window to window until we get back might do his knee harm.

Sometimes after a taxing outing, Hagar naps. Tat’s when Sophie and I sneak out but as the patient improved his naps became less deep so we couldn’t escape without being detected.

Now that Bionic Boy is healed it is time to build up some muscle. Since week one, I added distance on to our outings. First, it was the labyrinth. Then we moved on to walking to the cattle guard adding a further destination every few days—doggie P.T.

Hagar would be the first to point out the advantages of a walk. From the four-legged view, I can imagine any numbers of positive reasons. He interjects a few: seeing new sites, checking out the comings and goings of other critters on the farm with the sniff test, to use up excess energy, marking territory.

The interesting thing to me is how important the walks are for me. Like Sophie, I long to resume our long hikes. The time to muse while appreciating the grandeur of the outdoors, noting the seasons’ changes on the landscape and moving my body, I miss them all.

Hubs often tells me, “you get like who you live with.” I’m getting more dog-like in my old age. Sure could do worse!


  1. Debora Robinson LaMent

    5 March

    Heysoglad he’s on the mend. I’m walking with Pye about 6 miles every other day or so, before the sun gets too hot. I love that time, too I can’t imagine people who wear an iPod and blast songs to distract them. xoxo

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