Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

Ugandan Twist on Oliver

Little W says she’s 13. I doubt it. She’s so imp-like. It’s hard to believe that a person can be on this planet for 13 years and be as small as she.  Thirteen barely seems old enough to be as stubborn as this girl can be when she digs in.  If that bottom of her lips sticks, count on needing patience in industrial quantities to move this one off her position. When Little W was around four-years-old, her mother abandoned her and her slightly younger brother.  She left them in the village where her father lived. Not at the father’s doorstep, mind you, just in the village. It seems she’s a Ugandan Twist on Oliver, but Dickens’ character Fagen actually might come closer to a parallel to Little W’s acquired nature. 

Street-wise from too early an age, she is unrepentantly enamored of lucre. She sold herself at nine to an old man without the least bit of consciousness. She was certainly too young to understand the implication of her actions. Then aren’t I the person beating the drum about how unfair it is that woman have to bear the shame and degradation of having to sell themselves to eat? Good for Little W that she’s shameless. I hope she remains that way. 

One thing I know about the girl is she is desperate for an affectionate human touch. That, I am quite sure, she didn’t receive in her transactions with the old pedophile who used her. In knitting class, I kept bumping up against Little W until I realized she put herself in my way. She wanted to touch. After that, I hugged her whenever I saw her. She never wanted to let go. Considering how her parents used her like a ping-pong ball, bouncing her from one house to the other whenever her presence proved an inconvenience, human affection was hardly abundant.

When the man heard about his abandoned children, he didn’t race to pick them up. He sent an older woman friend. This woman took them in, rather than take them to their father. In the long story, W. told me this person gave them quite possibly the only human kindness these two ever received. Little W and her brother separated about a year and a half later and have lost all touch with each other since.


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