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Turkey Leftovers

Turkey Leftovers


“I was counting on turkey leftovers for dinner,” Gordy flopped on the sofa next to Stuart, “But oh, no, she has the blasted grinder out,” he groaned, “You know what that means?”
Stuart squinted at her brother shaking her head, ” You mean Ethel? What grinder? And no I don’t know, what.”Turkey Leftovers

He sighed, “Never mind. It doesn’t make any difference. I think it is a terrible thing to do to perfectly good leftovers.” He grumbled out loud although he had meant to keep his thoughts sotto voce.

His older sister shifted in her seat so she could stare him square in the face, “You mean Ethel’s making Turkey Croquettes.” A huge grin played across her features, “I hoped she would. Don’t you love them?” When he responded with a groan, she peered at her disgruntled brother as if he were a science project gone awry.

“Exactly what I mean. You like those things? Ugh!” He shuddered. “I’d rather eat…” Silence fell as he searched for a metaphor. Finally giving up he muttered “Helen is in the kitchen helping by turning the handle on the meat grinder. You can’t trust anybody these days.”
Laughing Stuart reached over and tousled her little brother’s hair, “You are silly, but cute heck.” Make a white sauce using half milk and half stock.

Turkey Croquettes Recipe

3 T. of butter

1/3 cup of flour

½ cup each milk and stock set aside

When sauce is hot and smooth take off heat and add two egg yolks

Add a big pinch of parsley

And half as much onion and celery chopped fine

Salt and pepper

A little nutmeg

A good squeeze of lemon juice from ½ a lemon

To make 1 cup of breadcrumbs

Put five or six slices of bread in a warm oven until dry

Place on a clean tea towel and cover with a second, roll with a rolling pin until bread is a fine crumb set aside

Grind leftover turkey

Mix with white sauce and let cool.

After the meat has cooled take a small handful of the mixture and pat it together into logs about three inches before rolling them breadcrumbs. Dip the shaped croquette into a mixture of one beaten egg and a little water. Roll in the breadcrumbs, repeat this twice more. Fry in hot oil until nice and crispy brown. Serve with leftover gravy.

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  1. Debora

    26 November

    I have my Nonny’s or more likely my Great Nonny’s grinder in the cabinet over the refrigerator in LP. A surprise Christmas present for Jamie? Xoxo

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