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Truth Vigilantes

Truth Vigilantes

Truth Vigilantes

“Oh, so over that!” is a ten-year-old response to doesn’t the Easter Bunny hide the eggs? It’s so simple when you are that age. Children see the truth and without a moment’s hesitation turn toward it. Truth vigilantes, until they are not.

Have always thought of myself as a seeker of all things real and genuine. Would that it be so easy for me-oh, I’m over that. To my chagrin, there is a list as long as my left arm of things I know are untruths, yet they still inform my every decision. Granted I may have been disavowed of the veracity of some these beliefs only recently. But still, I dance with them. What’s up with that?

Falsehoods, lies, and untruths are tricky. For one thing, they are very sticky. It’s ironic t that spinning the truth became a euphemism for official untruths. It is like a spider’s web. We believe the spin long enough, and it’s impossible to break out of it. A way of thinking tends to become habitual. We all know how hard habits are to break, right? In case you don’t, try dropping sugar from your diet for a day. Yikes.

If you’ve been thinking a thought for say a lifetime and find out that belief is untrue, you can make yourself dizzy turning toward the truth. Every ancillary thought begs examination. Sometimes it’s just overwhelming and easier to go along with the old thinking than to head out into the frontier.

Often we put up with fabrications, half-truths, and falsehoods because it is expedient—along the lines of the story The Emperor’s New Clothes. Chances are more than the child in the story saw the nakedness of the sovereign but for whatever reason felt it was better to go along to get along. Before too long this sort of thinking can solidify the false belief. If you think it long enough, it becomes true in your mind.

The truth is a precious and life-sustaining quality that needs to our constant vigilance. Remember how easy it was to be over the innocuous untruths of childhood. Let’s all dig down to the part of ourselves and turn to what we know is true, as often as it takes. These days that’s pretty much all of the time. We need to become truth vigilantes again.


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