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True Compassion

True Compassion

True Compassion

If you haven’t read the book Lasting Happiness in a Changing World The Book of Joy GET IT NOW! Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dali Lama get together for a week on the occasion of the Dali Lama’s 80th birthday to talk. The subject of their discussions: how to find joy in the midst of so much seeming sorrow in the world.

I cried, I laughed, and I reveled in this delightful book as the two great spiritual leaders shared their views on one of my favorite topics. The two men seemed at times like kittens as the played and teased one another. The joy that bubbled up from them is infectious. When I wasn’t giggling along, I was wiping away tears of joy. Spoiler alert: compassion is the key.

A woman I hardly know has so humbled and inspired me. Through her pain, she epitomizes the exact teaching of compassion suffering from the most unfathomable loss for a parent, her eldest child who struggled with depression recently died at the tender age of 18. Yesterday she shared on Facebook the letter she received from Life Net Health with these words:

“Colton and I opened this together yesterday evening. He noticed that the recipients had children who wouldn’t be losing a parent. This was wonderful news. At the same time, yet another reminder that this is so real and that Austin will not be physically coming home again. As this has begun to set in more and more, some things about people have also become more clear. The humanity and kindness of so many has been humbling and definitely bandaged my heart. This should also be a reminder to everyone that you truly don’t know what anyone is going through at any given time. Be your best self to others. Be genuine. Take care of those around you.”

I am sharing Ginger and her son Colton’s example of compassion because they show us the way to heal not only ourselves but also the world. What a fitting and blessed tribute to a much-loved son and brother.

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