Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

Third Book Apron Strings Trilogy

Third Book Apron Strings Trilogy

Third Book In Apron Strings TrilogyThe final installment of The Apron Strings Trilogy is getting ready to launch.  From what I’ve been told, If It Ain’t One Thing…  is the best one yet. It sure was fun to write. It looks like we’ll be able to launch in the Fall. The cover looks fantastic. The finishing touches to the cover copy are awaiting the last flourishes. The whole shebang ought to ready later this year.

One of the most fun things about this novel is it is set fifty years later than the first two. Besides most of the original characters, there is a whole new generation or two of Mackeys, plus in-laws and outlaws. All four children – Stuart, Gordy, Sallee, and Helen – married at least once, some more. If you want to get reacquainted with the clan and meet the offspring checkout the family tree. That way you can be ready to dive right into the mayhem Sallee’s petulant daughter Virginia’s wedding causes the family. Anyone considering a destination wedding in the winter might rethink after reading this book. Unless, of course, their family is NORMAL. Not so with the Mackey clan.

The gang’s all here, for the most part, and are all gearing up for the wedding of the century.  Sallee’s self-centered and petulant daughter, Virginia, wants a Christmas wedding with every bell, whistle and gem-encrusted ornament.  Burning up Sallee’s American Express card at every turn, Virginia has also decided on the perfect venue for her nuptials – her grandparents, Joe and Ginny’s place.  Though a huge undertaking, the Mackey’s seem a more concerned with the fact that they know very little about the impending groom.
Deep, dark family secrets of all sorts will be revealed when the entire brood ends up trapped like rats at the Mackey Homestead in a Charlottesville, Virginia blizzard bigger than they’ve ever seen!   Will the caterer arrive on time? Will Sallee be able to tolerate her extremely self-centered and obnoxious husband?  Will Joe’s 90 year old heart withstand the stress?  Can all the grand and great grand kids find a place to sleep?  And, more importantly, what will the Bride do when she finds out what her intended has been doing for work? With lots of twists and turns If It Ain’t One Thing… is southern fried fiction at it’s finest!  Stay tuned for more insight on If It Ain’t One Thing…



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