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The Kings Are Dead Long Live the Queens

The Kings Are Dead Long Live the Queens

King and Queen chess pieces same colour isolatedThe Kings Are Dead Long Live the Queens

Hey has anyone else noticed the boys all over the place are dropping their toys and walking away from the messes they made? The implied you clean it up is so loud it echoes around the planet. It’s about time too, with a world tittering on the brink of who know what.

Germany leads in doing it. Britain has all but done it. ‘Mercia is probably going to do it. ** Do what, you ask? You know, elect a woman to clean up the mess centuries of male-dominated tomfoolery has wrought. Fingers and toes crossed that it is in the nick of time.

Woman are good at cleaning up other people’s messes, we all know that. If you don’t ask your mother, she’ll tell you. The kings are dead long live the mothers -it doesn’t have the same panache, does it? Oh well, we need to put another woman on that. In the meantime, long live the queens! Maybe we’ll finally get equal pay. I am willing to bet none of these new world leaders receive checks for their servers that are less than their male counterparts.

I worry a little that these female world leaders are a wee too steeped in the good old boy political mindset. Perhaps they are too far removed from the nurturing, caretaking nature of their work-a-day sisters. Nonetheless, it is a start. Besides, in the beginning, you want someone that has their feet planted in both worlds. The new world order—play by the old rules while busily dismantling them and instituting new rules. The world needs cleaning up and who better, more suited for the job than a woman?

** Disclaimer alert-just reading the tea leaves not advocating in any direction here.


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