Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

Left satisfied and smiling

Wonderfully put together all the drama so relatable either got me rejoicing or dubiously confused or emotionally draining. Each character built themselves up and to follow them, ‘exciting.’ Crazy but true I could feel Sallee’s troubles and her emotional dilemmas; however Ethel, her character played an important part here for this family. Don’t you think in your life that one person who will just listen to you and not judge your every move? I followed Ethel’s back story and I got all tender hearted, like I said before emotionally drained. It’s true, enduring strength is the main focus here, either you dust yourself off and move on or let life’s misery swallow you whole.
The author wrote this tale with so much vigor and warmth that it will consume you. Did it capture my imagination, yes I was able to play the entire book in my head and I was left satisfied and smiling. I like this part in the book, “The family has been rent asunder; that has effects on all of the members, and everyone reacts differently to these major life events.” Something to think about? Well this author written a story to make you think a lot. Thank you!  Wonderful read indeed, thank you,
Darlene Cruz



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