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Benefits of Southern Fried Fiction

Benefits of Southern Fried Fiction

Southern Fried FictionWhat Is ‘Southern Fried Fiction’?

Among the multitude of things that connote the American South excellent fiction writers heads the list. To name a few just to skim the very surface of such a deep pool of remarkable talent would be a slight to them all. You know, if you had the good fortune to have been reared in the South, storytelling is a way of life so it is not a surprise that the region would have a surfeit of tremendous talent.

Certain themes crop up consistently in Southern literature, family, and a sense of place, dialect, and community. Though these topics don’t define the genre, they are certainly present in abundance.  And most certainly define my stories.

As far a Southern food is concerned as with fiction, it doesn’t take a leap to discover another wellspring of talent and remarkable ability. There are so many specialty southern dishes you could eat for a year and not have the same thing. While fried isn’t the only way we in the South serve up our food we do about fry almost anything.

In my mind, it is impossible to think of the South without ultimately arriving at fiction and food.  Since they happen to be two of my most favorite things and since I’m a both and sort soul Southern-fried fiction pretty well sums me up.

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  1. Marti

    25 March

    As I read the Trilogy it brought home many of my experiences growing up in Cville in the 50s and 60s. I found myself stopping to think about, feel what I had just read – I experienced that. How does that make me feel? What did I just learn? I was so absorbed in these characters, their lives, trials and tribulations. I fell in love with Ethel. I just read the last page of book 3 and now feel so sad that I will no longer share in the lives of the Mackeys. Mary, please write book 4!!

    • Mary Morony

      25 March

      Marti, If you want to keep up with the Mackeys, check out Albemarle Magazine. I write little Mackey vignettes in a column called Slice of Life. Thanks for the kind words. Mary

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