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Southern Cooking Waffle Recipe

Southern Cooking Waffle Recipe

waffle recipeHelen Helps Ethel Make ‘Awfuls’

Southern Cooking Waffle Recipe to follow story.

“Ethel, can we have awfuls for breakfast?” Helen asked congratulating herself for getting to the kitchen before anyone else. “We haven’t had them in a the longest time.” The little girl eagerly stared up Ethel, “Pleeease?” She gave a short hop of anticipation. “I think I love awfuls as much as fried apples maybe even more.”

“Well now  if you love ‘em dat much, den I’m a gonna make fo’ you.” She chuckled, “was it you dat started us all calling waffles awfuls? I don’t remember.”

Helen rubbed her chin thoughtful, “ I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure it was Gordy. Sallee doesn’t like awfuls so I don’t think she would have asked for them before she was old enough to know the name. Besides had Sallee gotten it wrong, I don’t think she would allow us to say awfuls.” The child pressed her lips together and nodded at Ethel. “You know how she hates being wrong?”

Ethel shook her head chuckling. “You wanna help make ‘em?”

“Oh, could I?” Helen gleefully patted her hands together. “I better wash my hands.”

“Yes, ma’am you best do. I’ll pull up the stool by the sink fo’ you.” Ethel moved the kitchen stool over in front of the sink then helped the child wash hands while she washed her own.

“While I get the waffle iron out. You bring over the butter, eggs, and milk. Use two hands. Doan wanna be cleanin’ up no mess.” She patted the curly head. Helen skipped over to the refrigerator and tugged at the door handle. “Here you go honey,” Ethel said as she pulled the door open for the child.

“I can’t reach the milk. Can you get it for me?” She  handed Helen a bottle of buttermilk and made a move to pick up the butter. “No,” Helen insisted, “I can get that.” With two hands she carefully took the bottle of milk over to the counter before returning for the butter. Again two handed she carried over the butter then came back for the eggs. When Ethel gave her the two eggs, her little face fell. I wanted to get them out.” Patiently, Ethel put the eggs back in the carton and stood by waiting while Helen gently retrieved each egg. She painstakingly transported each egg, one at a time.

Ethel smiling said, “You is some kinda special, chil’.” Helen beamed up at her basking in the praise.

Awfuls Recipe

2 ¾ cups of flour
3 t. sugar
2 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
a big pinch of baking soda
1 stick of butter melted
1 cup of buttermilk more if needed after addition of butter to make a thick batter that will pours
2 eggs

Mix all of the dry the ingredients. Beat eggs into a cup of the buttermilk then add the dry ingredients. Pour in melted butter and more buttermilk if need be and mix well.


  1. Denise Hood

    6 August

    Well that sounds FAR from ‘awful’ … might have to toss in some fresh fruit and make these for Sunday breakfast! Yummy 🙂

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