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Sometimes Even Dogs Have to Complain

Sometimes Even Dogs Have to Complain

Sometimes even dogs have to complain!

This dog has no idea what’s going on, and I’m here to tell you, I don’t like it one bit. Mary left a long time ago. She didn’t tell me where she was going or if she did I didn’t know where it was. There is only so much a dog can remember about geography. My knowledge is pretty limited to here and the vet’s office.

Since I’m not so good with time I can’t say how long she’s been gone. Lots and lots of nights and days have passed by since she drove away with a bunch of bags and boxes. I want my human to come home so I can lie on the sofa in the cool house and be comfortable. Every once in a while I hear her voice when Ralph is around with that little box of his up to his ear. Maybe I’m dreaming I can’t tell or maybe it is really her voice I hear. What I do know is I miss her and want her back. Well, maybe I just miss the routine we had. If Ralph would get with the program, I would be okay. Could someone tell him two things for me, please, take more walks and dogs belong in the house all day!

This having to be outside waiting for Ralph to come home from work is no fun. Those things that buzz around me and

Longing for the good old days

bite are fierce. Ralph calls them flies. I call them devils. I don’t want to leave the garage. We almost never go for walks, which is probably good because it’s hot out there. I miss those walks I used to take with Mary. I could run in the fields with the wind in my ear.

Sometimes even dogs have to complain. Life isn’t always the way we want it. Sophie says, “I need to get over myself. Mary’ll either come back or not but there is no sense in ruining your life about it.” Maybe she’s right. She says she is working on Ralph before too long he will get with her program. The thing is I can only trust my sister so far. She’ll steal my bed in the wag of a tail if I’m not careful besides she is kind of manipulating or at least I’ve heard Mary and Ralph say she is.

If anybody reading this sees Mary tell her to come home. I miss walking with her and maybe even her a little too.


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