Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

Say Love Many Ways

Say Love Many Ways

cattle of cows running in green meadow Say Love Many Ways

“That cow sure has a ponderous way of walking,” Sallee remarked to Ethel as they crossed the field on their way to Ethel’s house from the barn.

A pail of milk sloshed between the two of them. “Yo’ sho’ do got some mighty fine words for such a little miss. Where you hear a word like ponderous? What it mean anyway?” Ethel asked.

Sallee skipped circles around Ethel as they made their way through the thick grass. “I donna know I guess I get ’em from reading a lot. I like to read. Ponderous means clumsy kind of awkward. See how that cow sort of slugs her way up the hill like it is hard? She looks clumsy to me. I like to use the words I read. When I don’t know one, I look it up so I can use it.” Sallee said pleased with herself. “Don’tcha ya like to read?”

Ethel chuckled, “Doan’ dat beat all. You is somethin’ Sallee, you sho is. I’d ‘spect I’d been right smart fond o’ readin’, too if I had had de’ time. I’m sorta ponderous at it.” They both chuckled.

Sallee stopped skipping and gave Ethel a squinty-eyed stare, “I can help you if you want, Ethel.”

“Darlin’ I think dey time for me t’ learn readin’ like what you do is long gone past. I’m jest happy as I ken be dat you love it so an’ dat you can teach me a high falutin’ word like ponderous now and again.”


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