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Sallee’s Just Blueberry Desserts

Sallee’s Just Blueberry Desserts

Sallee’s Just Blueberry Desserts

Ethel had just finished putting away the groceries when Sallee skipped into the kitchen. “Hey, Ethel can you make some blueberry ice cream? We stopped at this roadside market. They had lots of fresh picked berries, so we got a bunch. I figured you could make a pie and some pancakes with them and then I got this great idea.”

As the child bounced from one foot to the other in front of the maid, she put her hand on the girls head, “Quit yo’ bouncin’ d’here girlie. I ken make a pie an’ pancakes, but I ain’t never heard o’ blueberry ice cream.” The woman racked her brain trying to piece together a recipe.

Ingredients for homemade blueberry ice cream“Can’t we make it up? I love blueberries.” The child commenced bouncing.

Mumbling to herself Ethel absently patted Sallee on the head. “I ‘spect we ken give it a try. We’s gonna have t’ cook ’em t’ make ‘em sweet enough.”

Sallee trotted over to the cabinet and pulled out a large saucepan.

“Hold yer horses. Lemme think.” She lumbered around the kitchen gathering the things she thought she might need. “I think de best way would be like we was makin’ a pie filling without the thickener. Blueberries ain’t got enough sweet in ‘em to make a good ice cream. We gonna have to cook ‘em down right smart.”

Still a flutter the child asked if she could help. Ethel gave her a wooden spoon, positioned her in front of the pan filled with berries, a squirt of lemon juice, and sugar and instructed her to stir. “This is so exciting. It’s like we’re inventors.” The berries and sugars began to bubble.

“Doan know ‘bout all dat. Take it off de stove now. Gotta let it cool afore we can mix it wit’ de cream.” She stopped short. “Sallee, you sho’ yer mama wanted blueberry ice cream? I doan remember puttin’ ‘way no cream.”

“No, I wanted ice cream. She wanted you to make a pie.”



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