Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

Pure and Faultless

Some People In This World Are Pure and Faultless

In January, I had the pleasure of visiting Rahab’s Corner with a Young Living Essential Oil group. While there, we met Moreen and the girls of Rahab’s Corner and we were charmed by the joyful, uplifting, program they performed for us. It wasn’t until a few of the braver souls shared a tiny bit of their testimony was I struck as if by the hand of God. I found these extraordinary women pure and faultless.

I still cannot describe what happened to me without emotions and tears welling up.  It was if I had been electrocuted, my whole body started to quake and buzz. Sitting still proved impossible. Simultaneous joy and abject fear rendered me speechless, as I fought back the desire to wail. When the girls started pulling the audience up to dance along with them, I feared my legs would not hold me up.

As soon as I was able to get myself together enough to speak coherently, I told my husband what had happened and what I thought it meant—I needed to come to Rahab’s Corner, get to know the girls, and write a book about them. Without hesitation he agreed, that in its self is God at work!

Not knowing why, I brought along copies of my three novels to Africa. I gave them to Moreen so that she might get a sense of my writing style and my ability to tell the girls’ stories. This project would segue beautifully with my previous work, as one of my major themes is redemption. Granted, I write about trauma in American families, but the effects of trauma and the healing power of redemption are the same the world over.

No stranger to intense drama and trauma in my own life, I am acutely aware of the healing power of story. Turning your personal horrors into a venue for healing not only cleanses the soul it changes the world, as Moreen’s own magnificent story testifies.  I am the mother of four. My two oldest children’s father committed suicide when they were very young. My next child’s father died from a very virulent form of cancer before she was born. I’m happy to say the fourth child’s father still survives. We’ve managed to stay married for the last 30 years. Rather than feel sorry for myself, I chose to use what I learned from all of those life lessons to write my novels.

The time seems so ripe, at least in the States, for a book like this.  The advantage a book would make is twofold. It would not only help the girls heal by turning their tales into vehicles of healing for themselves and others it would shine the spotlight on the great work you do at Rahab’s Corner and Pure and Faultless. I am so excited to be invited to come to Rahab’s Corner and to write Moreen’s remarkable story. I leave in July for as long as it takes. Stay tuned for updates.

Click here to watch the full video: “Pure and Faultless: Rahab’s Corner”


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