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Probably a coincidence

KinesiologyAfter calling out a doctor for having closed her mind to Applied Kinesiology, I started to wonder why it was so important to me. I know it works for me. Not one to be on the side of the majority, it seemed odd that I bothered to concern myself.  It strikes me as peculiar that this alternative form of healing isn’t explored with a less jaundiced eye.

Do a search on the web for Applied Kinesiology. Everywhere there are sites calling it bunk, a hoax and phony. There are warnings that shout “Stay Away!” It is described as a pseudoscience. One site even goes so far as to suggest: “If you encounter a practitioner who relies on AK muscle-testing for diagnosis, head for the nearest exit.”

My friend Stacey Donnelly, a certified Kinesiologist, accompanied me to Rahab’s Corner. She wanted to use her skills to help the girls overcome some of the traumas we both suspected were dealing with. Neither of us expected the positive reception her skill set would receive here.

The second day after arriving, one of Prisca’s twins was running a fever. Eager to help, my friend asked if she might check on the 9-month-old. Over the course of her practice, Stacey has developed a way to test and treat her patients remotely (that really ought to get the nay-sayers in a complete twist). Having already ascertained the points necessary to help the child, she went down to the girls’ dorm and used acupressure on the appropriate points. When she came back to the kitchen, Peace (RC social worker) started making noise about taking the baby to the hospital. She already had the car running outside the door. One of the girls from the dorm came up and said the baby was fine and didn’t need to go. Probably a coincidence or some other form of manipulation, I don’t know. The fever had broken, either way.

What I DO know is, in the last month, 21 folks as old as 68 to as young as 9-months have seen Stacey in her role as a healer. All of them have experienced relief from symptoms as varied as chronic stomach issues and migraines due to HIV treatments, measles, syphilitic open sores, blood in the stool and a fistula – to a name a few. Again, probably a coincidence.

Uncle Jumah (RC Chairman and Non-denominational pastor) has asked Stacey to treat not only himself to a great success—even his family has remarked how much lighter he is—but has asked my friend to treat some parishioners with particularly stubborn aliments. Coincidence? I guess it could be.

Like Uncle Jumah said, “Africans are very spiritual. ” Remote energy healing isn’t nearly the leap to them as it is for us western literal minds. I have no doubt that being open to the possibility of healing can’t help but make it more likely. Probably just a coincidence though. What do you think?


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