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Power Versus Force

Power Versus Force

EnergyPower Versus Force

Last winter I read a fascinating book by Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., and Ph.D. The book Power vs. Force is an endeavor to calibrate human consciousness. As a renowned doctor, psychiatrist and consciousness researcher few are more qualified to make such an attempt. Using applied kinesiology, Dr. Hawkins tested thousands of people on a myriad of subjects to map human thought.

Dr. Hawkins is not without his dissenters. He used Applied Kinesiology to test the participants in his study and based his research on those findings. It is not surprising that most of the objections to his work come from those who view AK as a pseudo-science. Conventional medicine has little to say good about it- not much better than random choice according to the American Cancer Society.

I don’t happen to fall into the dissenting category. I am also not a scientist, quite the contrary.  When it comes to woo-woo, count me in. I believe we are energy beings. Using vibration to heal seems more efficient and makes complete sense to me, but I’m out there.

My interest in kinesiology peaked after reading Power vs. Force. Several practitioners from chiropractors and kinesiologists to doctors of Chinese medicine have used it on me in the past, and the results verified in that my symptoms have gone away or lessened. I am enough of a skeptic that I am not inclined to believe my own results I might well have healed because that it what the body does. It is impossible for me to discount the placebo effect and because of that kind of thinking animals are excellent subjects for me to prove the efficacy of esoteric modalities.

With a few inquiries, I discovered a teacher of kinesiology right here in Ruckersville. I signed up for the class that minute. I left the course with a rudimentary knowledge of how to apply kinesiology and also reconnected with Stacey Donnelly.

Stacey has been studying this practice with the intention of creating a course for horses. With a well-deserved reputation as an expert horsewoman, her barn is filled with animals so polite you could invite them to tea. She asked me if I would like to help her test her critters (I am the muscle. Who could resist that?) so that she would be ready in the fall to teach her course in Applied Kinesiology for equine folk.

In no way am I attempting convince you of the veracity of AK. As far as alternative therapies are concerned laser treatments are off the scale for some people, and I view it as mainstream. As I said, I’m pretty far out on the whacky spectrum, but nonetheless, I feel compelled to share my story.

My dog Hagar as some of you might remember over his five years has suffered from multiple health issues with his knees and spine. I thought, after his last knee surgery, he would be healthier. Not so, with the knees taken care of his neurological issues rose to preeminence. After a few laser treatments, it became apparent to me his situation would be an excellent experiment for Stacey’s abilities to heal, and it wouldn’t hurt him. When asked, she was eager to apply her knowledge and relished the chance to hone her skills.

Hagar walked with exaggerated action is his right foreleg like a prancing pony or a trotter. Stiff after inactivity, he appeared to have inflammation between his shoulder blades. The first time she worked on him besides the decrease of inflammation nothing much changed.

A few days after his third treatment, Hubs, the two dogs and I took a walk in the woods. A noise unheard by us humans beckoned the dogs. Sophie shot down the path no surprise there. The shock was her brother’s reaction. In his five years never had I seen him dig in with his forelegs and power himself off like a Grand Prix jumper. He caught up with his sister in less time than it took him to realize he wasn’t in pain. I say that because before then he had been modulating his behavior his whole life because he was in pain.

The fracas just out of eyeshot hastened Hubs and me along the path in time to spy Hagar take down a huge ground hog. The G-hog was every bit of three feet long, some thirty pounds and very determined not to go down without a fight. With blood dripping from his jowls my great big old hound dispatched his prey as if he were a seasoned killing machine. I can’t say it was the most pleasant of sights but the evident pride and satisfaction it created in my dog made the entire event heartwarming, not to mention illuminating.

No double-blind study is this but in three sessions with Ms. Donnelly, Hagar stepped from his reticent milk toast behavior seemingly content to monitor himself and walked by my side as a powerful fully alive man dog. That is impressive. If I dreamt it up, way to go me, what an imagination! If he came into his own because of the work, Stacey did then WOW! That’s all I gotta say about that. Try it and see for yourself.








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