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Planning Joe’s Birthday Party

Planning Joe’s Birthday Party

Planning Joe's Birthday PartyPlanning Joe’s Birthday Party

Ginny bustled into the kitchen with keys and purse in hand, “Ethel you know Mister Joe’s birthday is this Sunday? He is so busy with that blasted shopping center.” With a breathless shudder she continued, “I’ve decided to surprise him with a brunch party on Sunday! You don’t mind working doing you?’ Ethel nodded her ascent as Ginny hardly checking up plowed on. “First of all, I thought we could have chicken salad, deviled eggs, an aspic and fried chicken.”

Ethel cocked her head. “Miz Ginny, I doan ‘spect you want fried chicken an’ chicken salad does you?” she questioned.

“Of course not! How silly of me.” She thought for a minute, “Let’s just have the fried chicken. Oh, could you make one of your BLT salads as well? Joe loves those.” She looked off as if distracted for a minute. Then she asked, “Will you make a chocolate mousse cake?”

“Lordy, Miz Ginny I doan know nothin’ ‘bout no moose cake?”

“You know how to make an angel food cake?” Ethel nodded that she did. “And you know how to make chocolate mousse?”
Ethel scrunched up her face, as if in deep thought. “I think I remember. I only made it once. Chocolate an’ whipped cream, right? Did it have eggs in it?’ And then added, “But, I ain’t never made no moose cake a’fore.”

Before Ethel could finish, Ginny waved her hand dismissively, “I don’t know about the eggs. I’ll find a recipe later. All you do to make a mousse cake is, well…” She thought for a minute, “first put the mousse in a mold with layers of angel food cake, then end with mousse. I know you can do it.”

Ginny suddenly clapped her hands together with a little hop. “I bought the cutest sundress, just perfect for a summer brunch! It is a checked pattern in the loveliest shade of lavender. Would you press it for me, Ethel?”

She turned to leave mumbling to herself; I think I’ll wear my hair down. She then turned around again adding, “I’ll be back with the groceries before lunch. You don’t need anything?” She disappeared before Ethel could catch her breath much less think of what she might need.

Then Ginny reappeared to ask, “Do we have everything we need for Bloodies?” Ethel looked up, surprised “Bloodies??”

Ginny giggled, “You know! Bloody Marys.”

Mentally scanning her provisions before she said, “Yes’um we do. ‘Cept you might want t’ get some fresh celery.”

Ginny dashed out the door while Ethel pulled out the ironing board. She stood for a minute shaking her head chuckling to herself before she heard Ginny calling from the hall. “Oh and ham biscuits, and crudites with blue cheese dip.”

Decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe

1 Angel Food Cake – store bought or homemade

Chocolate Mousse:

6 oz. chocolate chips semi sweet melted. 1 cup of heavy cream whipped
1 T. vanilla or rum
3 egg whites beaten stiff plus 1 T. sugar

First, melt chocolate over a pan of boiling water. After whipping cream add flavoring and then fold into just warm chocolate. After beating egg whites add sugar to taste mix before mixing with the chocolate cream mixture.

To assemble:  Line a spring form pan bigger than the cake with some waxed paper. Then slice the cake into four layers.  Then add alternate layers of mousse and cake until finishing with a thin layer of mousse. Use a spatula to smooth top which when served will be the bottom. Cover and freeze or refrigerate until ready to use.

To serve unmold, turn cake over onto serving plate so much easier to do frozen. Finally, defrost before serving.



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