Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

Pimento Cheese Recipe

Ethel's pimento cheeEthel’s Pimento Cheese Recipe is simple. She loves pimento cheese and like most all things Ethel cooks she likes it her way, which tends to be simple, and uncomplicated. She can’t understand to save her life why a body would buy the stuff out there they call pimento cheese since real good pimento cheese is easy to make. Never one to mince words, she says it’s nasty. Don’t be putting garlic, mustard of any kind, or Cajun spices in it, neither.

It’s hardly worth calling a recipe. First of all, you need good cheddar cheese. Start with two big handfuls of grated sharp cheddar cheese. Then add mayonnaise.  Homemade mayonnaise is best. Use just enough to hold it all together.  Roast a red pepper and dice it  small.  She adds a speck of cayenne pepper, and salt and pepper. Mix it all together. Her momma always said to let it get cold before spreading it on bread. Ethel discovered that if you spread it on bread and then let it get cold, it taste just as good and it doesn’t tear the bread.

Ginny uses it at parties spread on crackers. Sometimes she has Ethel spread it on celery sticks. It’s good rolled up in lettuce leaves to serve as passed hos d’oeuvres. From Ethel’s vantage point less is more just too much fuss. Rather than go to that trouble, she says just spread it on fresh bread for a lip-smacking good simple sandwich. If you want, you can spread the bread with a little more mayo then grill it for a delicious grilled cheese. Finally, Gordy wants to say he  likes it on his hamburgers.


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