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Happy Easter y’all!  You can’t beat egg salad made wit’ homemade mayonnaise so here’s de recipe cuz I know yer gonna have a mess o’ eggs today.

Take everything outta de icebox an’ bring t’ room temperature afore startin’,

3 whole eggsMayonnaise

Antique Egg BeaterLemon juice, or vinegar t’ taste

3 -4  cups vegat’ble oil


Beat de eggs in a bowl.  Add lemon juice an’ keep beatin’. I likes t’ use a fork but mos’ people use a beater. I think it’s right tricky t’ pour de oil  an’ beat wit’ a egg beater so I use a fork. T’ make the bowl hol’ still while beatin’ I put it on a bunched up dish towel. Slowly pour the oil into the bowl while beatin’ all de while. When it looks like mayonnaise stop pourin’in de oil. Gettin’ near t’ summer time an’ you gotta have mayonnaise around for all dem good summertime salads.

 A note Ethel doesn’t care for olive oil, so she uses vegetable oil. She says the taste is too strong for her.


  1. Debora

    26 March

    I have your – L’s – mayonnaise recipe from long ago and far away.
    Remember someone – C – saying you were a culinary genius because you made your own.
    Have a Happy Easter.

    • Mary Morony

      28 March

      Genius not so much. Mayo is easy to make. Hope you had a happy Easter in all that snow.

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