Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

Magazine Column

Mary Morony's "Slice Of Life" Series As Seen In Albemarle Magazine and
Keswick Life's "Life, Make It Happen!" Series

Mary Morony writes columns for two magazines in the Charlottesville area  РAlbemarle Magazine, and Keswick Life.

Slices Of Life

Life in the early 60’s in Charlottesville for the Mackey family, along with their maid Ethel and her husband Early, was a struggle. Challenged by social pressure, segregation, puberty, alcoholism, and divorce; they struggled to come to grips with the changing world around them. Ethel and Early’s down-home common sense offers the Mackey’s wisdom and comfort with love.

Life, Make It Happen

Life, Make it Happen! for Keswick life is a human interest driven column with topics ranging from walks in the woods, to politics, to her husband’s new shoes.

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