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The Mackey Family

The Mackey’s


The second question almost everyone asks me about Apron Strings is, are you, Sallee? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is, I am also, Ethel, Ginny, Stuart, and Hambone et al. (Learn more about SALLEE, ETHEL, and GINNY)

It is impossible for me to create a character if I can’t find some way to connect with that character.  The way I created my characters required digging down inside of me, dragging drag out an aspect of my psyche sprinkling a little fairy dust and watching, if I did my job right the character comes to life. I don’t know if that is so for all writers.  What I suspect on some level is has to be. My belief is that we are all the same on the inside. As a novelist, I see my job to tease out the different aspects of our collective self and bring them to life with words on the page. Whether art imitates life or vice-versa, the result is characters with whom we can connect.

Two of my sisters maintain that they are Helen and Stuart respectively nothing can convince them to the contrary. My older sister refers to Ginny, as Mother or that woman that “you” say isn’t Mother. My son says my younger sister is so much Helen that he as taken to calling her Aunt Helen. Other people have mentioned they recognize characters as they throw out names of who they believe them to be so that I will affirm or deny their suspicions.

Memories are odd. No one it seems has the memory even if they share the same event. While there are the scenes in all my books that draw from my memories of events that took place all of them are different from the reality of my childhood.

Not for a minute am, I suggesting that I didn’t grow up in a highly dysfunctional world. I did and writing about this family; the Mackey family was in many ways cathartic for me to see how dysfunctional. Apron Strings is not a Mommy Dearest, though.  It is fiction. My memories acted as points of departure into a whole other world. I hope you will find enjoyable.

In case you were wondering… The FIRST question people ask me is how long did it take me to write it?

We’ll have to revisit that question when I’m finished with the Trilogy because the Mackey’s ain’t done yet! 😉


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