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Life Can Turn At the Lift of a Tail

Life Can Turn At the Lift of a Tail

I need help! This morning my two knuckle-headed dogs and I went out for our usual morning walk in the woods. The hounds, more sniffy-sniffy than usual this A.M took umbrage with an interloper who dared to cross their path. I assure you they see the way as very much theirs. As I marched along thinking about my next article, I hadn’t noticed my constant companions had deserted me. Pleased to be alone when their absence did register, as they’re often inclined to walk right in front of me almost under my feet. Our habit is to stumble-bumble along a very narrow small path by the stream, I delighted in having them off doing what doggie things they do in the woods. You can imagine the difficulty of tripping over Great Danes.
I heard a few sporadic barks in the near distance and thought perhaps they had treed a squirrel or a groundhog. Without a lot of heat to the barking, I didn’t pay much attention and continued on. When I arrived at a decision-making juncture, I debated going on without my posse knowing that sooner than later they would tire of whatever presently peaked their interest and would catch up with me.

At that moment a terrible baying came from down the trail sounding as if some unfortunate animal might be in danger of shedding his mortal coil. A possible death behooved me to go back, to investigate and possibly avert a killing.

I’d say about 200 yards from where they milled about it became quite apparent there was no need for further investigation. The signs of an accosted and greatly affronted skunk permeated the air. I turned around and chose a different route home hoping that perhaps the dogs might stay in the woods for the rest of their lives or at least until the smell went away. The problem is they tired of harassing the beast and raced to catch up with me. I walked home in a haze of skunk juice.

How do you make 260+ lbs. of stink go away?


  1. Page

    3 April

    If you haven’t done anything yet the recipe I was given when my Zach and Heidi thought finding skunks was a great game anyway.
    1qt hydrogen peroxide
    1/2 c baking power
    1T dawn soap
    Let it sit for at least 5 min. , and rinse.

    • Mary Morony

      3 April

      Thanks. I did that and also sprayed them with Parsely Plus then shampooed. There still is a hint of pew on Sophie, but just a hint unless my smeller is overwhelmed with skunk and I can’t tell either way it works.

  2. Denise

    4 April

    Not enough tomato juice in the world! I’m guessing they wouldn’t put up with being professionally groomed (or maybe even hosed down, for that matter). Here’s a good link with several options that might help. Thanks for sharing Adventures In Stink with us 🙂

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