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Interesting Facts About Valentines Day

Interesting Facts About Valentines Day

Valentines Day YESInteresting Facts You May Not Know About Valentine’s Day


Since Valentine’s Day lurks right around the corner, I wondered – how many of you are as cynical as I? You see, I think it is a made up holiday like Grandparent’s Day. There are numbers of reasons to think so. Over one billion (that’s a b not an m) cards are exchanged every year. Numbers like that make it second only to Christmas in cards purchased. Hallmark has got to be doing a happy dance right about now.

And who are the recipients of all those cards, you might ask? I just happen to have the answer handy. In the order of cards received: teachers, children mothers, wives, sweethearts, and pets. Husbands and men in general don’t fair so well in the card getting department. I guess that’s one place it where the fairer sex is allowed to excel.


This just in, Hagar wants me to add that three percent of pet owners give their pets gifts to celebrate the day. He also would like to know where his gifts are stored since he is sure that I fall in that percentage and has yet to see a single Valentines’ gift. Sheesh, give a dog a blog and there is no living with him.

valentines day factsHistory

Don’t let our commander in chief know that a popular theory about the origin of Valentine’s Day. Because it was an executive order handed down by Emperor Claudius II. The Roman leader didn’t want his men to marry during wartime. Behind Claudius’ back Bishop Valentine was busy performing secret weddings. That got the bishop thrown in the slammer and executed, (really, keep this away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.). As the story goes while the cleric was in the clink he sent a note to the jailor’s daughter signed “from your Valentine.” That last part stretches credulity just bit, don’t you think? It does however give credence to my suspension that V Day was a made up holiday, just not by Hallmark, like I suspected.


You’ll never guess who declared February 14th to be the official St. Valentines Day? Why old lover boy himself Henry the VIII. Can’t you see his sweet missives festooned with cherubs, lace, hearts and royal stuff, Lose your heart or your head to me – your choice?

While we are playing the guessing game I have another quiz for you. Who do you think buys the highest percentages of Valentine presents? Tick, tock times up. And the answer is: women, duh! By the way, fifteen percent of those women are sending themselves flowers on the day.

Best for last

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten chocolate or roses which are synonymous with the day of love. More than a billion dollars of the deliciousness is bought in the United States alone on the the 14th of February. Hubs will be happy to know an Irishman, Richard Cadbury, was the first to produce a box of chocolates for the holiday though not in a heart shaped box. Thirty-five million boxes in that configuration will be purchased this coming week. Men buy the most flowers by a factor of three. You know that the favorite flower is rose (189 million stems.) And the color is red, of course.

To sum it all up: Yes, Valentines Day is a made up holiday, but one I wholeheartedly endorse so keep those cards, flowers, and chocolates coming.


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