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Insomnia Makes Sleep Difficult

Insomnia Makes Sleep Difficult

Insomnia Makes Sleep DifficultInsomnia Makes Sleep Difficult

I don’t love sharing my health issues with the world. What I have found, I can’t in good conscience keep to myself. For the past several years I have been battling an increasing inability to sleep. From my research on-line it seems I am not alone. Upwards of sixty million people have some form of the problem.

Since, my first book signing, I made it a practice to reference change as a positive thing. Embrace change, because the chance is excellent your life will have an alteration or two along the way.
Here I am, with my money stuck right smack up in my mouth. Transformation is the order of my day. All the food I ever ate in my whole life needed a reassessment. Now, we are talking some kind of change.

My insomnia led me on a scavenger hunt of sorts to find a cure. From Rocky Mountain spotted fever, to too much stress, light, WI-FI in my life, to an anxiety disorder, to poor digestion to adrenal dysfunction, depleted levels of vitamin D the list appeared endless yet with each discovery, I still didn’t sleep. As I continued to search for the cause of my nocturnal wakefulness, I amassed an impressive litany of things wrong with my heretofore-healthy body.

Medicine Men

My father’s profession as a doctor could account for my aversion. Perhaps it was his oft-stated lament in the latter part of his professional life; “doctors went from the practice of the art of healing to practicing the science of medicine” which turned me to seek alternative modalities.

In his mind, the divergence did little to improve the profession rather having the opposite effect. The new trajectory of which my father spoke, I suspect, came to be about the same time insurance companies started wagging that dog.

I confess to a less than an enthusiastic response when my longtime herbalist suggested I see a physician to run tests to make sure a latent tick-borne infection didn’t drive my insomnia.My prejudices may have influenced my new foray into the world of MDs and the joys of pharmaceuticals. I am open to the possibility.

Shortly it became obvious that the medicines prescribed for my lack of zzz’s proved counterproductive for me. Not only did I not sleep, the next day I suffered from a headache rivaling any hangover I ever experienced. Anti-anxiety drugs, I discovered also made me anxious when I stop taking them.

A Solution

Rather than mince words at my next appointment, I told my doc as he performed his examination I planned to visit a nutritionist. Nutrition for Mental illness seemed like an excellent avenue to explore. I reasoned if I did not suffer from one, I soon would if I didn’t get any sleep. So thinking, I made an appointment with Jocelyn Pierce Audet a certified Mental Health Nutrition Coach.

Assured by my doctor that he did all the necessary diagnostic testing, I informed Jocelyn of the fact. A battery of blood tests proved I fell within normal ranges. When I presented the documentation for her perusal, she told me only the most basic blood work was done. Insurance companies allow physicians to order only certain tests, given a set of symptoms. Numbers of blood, urine and saliva examinations later, I discovered I was anything but in the normal range in many key mental health areas­­—so much for assurance!

One particular test came back with a recommendation to seek a practitioner trained in the treating of pyroluria disorder. What was pyroluria? A question not only did I ask but so did my doctor. Lucky for me, my nutritionist recommended a person with the required knowledge.

Health Issues from Elevated Pyyroles and High Levels of Copper

Here are a few of the health issues that arise from elevated pyyroles compliments of Mensah Medical: Mood instability can be caused by pyrrole disorder, which the general population is becoming more aware of but is less so in the medical community. Mood instability symptoms labeled as anxiety disorder, rapid cycling bipolar disorder, behavioral disorders, or depression

In an instant, I had answers to thousands of questions and much more when my blood work came back with a reading of high copper. Here is a list of some of the conditions associated with high levels of copper: Alzheimer’s Disease, ADD and ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Disruptive Behavior Disorders, Eating Disorders, Learning Disorders, Postpartum Depression, Pyroluria, Pyrrole Disorder, Schizophrenia.

Pyroluria and high levels of copper are genetic. This information is based on over thirty years of research by William Walsh, Ph.D., FACN, President of the Walsh Research Institute.

Due to a consultation with Dr. Mensah forty days ago, I have been taking the minerals he recommended. There has not been an instant turn around in my sleep pattern. Week by week, I experience longer periods of restful sleep. Hallelujah! I hope this information can be of help to some of you.


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