Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

If It Ain’t One Thing On The 2018 BookViral ...

If It Ain’t One Thing On The 2018 BookViral Award Short List

Much to my delight, the third novel in my Southern Fiction Apron Strings Trilogy If It Ain’t One Thing has earned a place on The 2018 BookViral Award Short List.If It Ain't One Thing On The 2018 BookViral Award Short List

BookViral’s Millennium Book Award entries are initially limited to 1000 books.  Since it is estimated that between 600,000 and a million books are released each year in the US alone, getting n the long list is a pretty big deal too.  In case you’ve never heard of BookViral, they work with both traditionally published and “indie” authors who have self or independently published books with a mission to discover new and talented authors and help them give their work the attention and awareness it deserves. BookViral does this by providing professional and credible reviews which are respected by readers. 

Here is the review they’ve written for If It Ain’t One Thing – in case you haven’t read it:

There are books readers rave about, but there are just a few they really come to love, whether it’s because they read them at certain pivotal times, or because they become enamoured with their sheer brilliance. Mary Morony’s Apron Strings Trilogy is surely amongst the latter. There is a tendency for authors to simplify, to make everything more accessible with a plot and characters distilled into simple-mindedness. In contrast, Mary Morony writes novels that are considerably more demanding and rewarding and on this level If It Ain’t One Thing proves to be her strongest release to date. Readers who have followed her southern saga from the start will know it’s a sweeping epic of familial triumphs and tragedies through which Morony examines the sometimes painful, often tender, and invariably complex connections that bind generations of a family together. In the hands of a less talented writer thematic material such as this might well have become overly didactic, but in the hands of Mary Morony, who has a wonderful eye for nuance, a fine ear for dialogue and genuine empathy for her subject matter the result is a wonderfully written jewel of a book.

Recommended without reservation, If It Ain’t One Thing is an absolute must read and a superb ending to a notable Trilogy. Pick up where book 2 ended or go back to the beginning with Apron Strings, We promise you won’t be disappointed.  —  BookViral  (

Fingers crossed, on December 14th If It Ain’t One Thing will emerge victorious!  Even if it doesn’t, it is certainly wonderful to be listed with this other wonderful authors.  Thanks to my readers for supporting me the the saga of the Mackey Family.  It was truly my pleasure to write about them and I hope it’s YOUR pleasure to read about them.



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