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How To Whistle

“Hey, look at my paper I wrote for English,” Gordy tossed his newly finished paper in front of his sister Sallee. “Guaranteed to teach anyone how to whistle!”

“How are you going to guarantee it?” She asked hastily scanning the paper lying on the bed in front of her nose where he had tossed it. “You know you have to give them something if they don’t learn how to whistle.

“I don’t.” He stood up indigent. “A guarantee is a promise. I looked it up, and I promise if you follow my instructions you can whistle good as me.”

Sallee shook her head at her brother’s grammar, “Ok, we’ll see.” She sat up on her bed and followed Gordy’s instructions to the letter. Other than sounding like a wind tunnel she issued no a single sound that could remotely be mistaken for a whistle. When she gave him a well, what do you have to say about that look?

He smirked, “I said you have to practice. Some more than others, I guess.”

Whistling Guaranteed Just Follow These Easy Stepsjust-whistle

business004By Gordy Mackey

The first thing to keep in mind is until you learn how to whistle, you are going to have to get used to a lot of spit. I remember when I first learned I looked like a baby drooling all over the place. Don’t be afraid of spitting. It happens.

You know how to make an okay sign, right? You put your pointer finger and thumb together so if you were to make a shadow puppet it would look like a rabbit. Then you stick the rabbit-head part of the puppet into your mouth. Keep your mouth and lips closed tight around your fingers. The only place you want air to get out is in the front through your thumb and finger. Curl you tongue up toward the back of your mouth and the tips of your fingers on your tongue. You’ll have to play around to find exactly the best spot for you.

What I did wrong at first was keeping my tongue too tense. You’ve got to relax your tongue when you curl it back in your mouth. When you’ve got all of that done just blow. And then like everything else you want to get good at practice. Whistling is worth all of the practice because of all the cool things you can do after you learn like letting your friends know where you are, calling your sisters to dinner, getting somebodies attention – especially in a crowd – and many more things too numerous to mention.

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