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Holiday Sauce – Hollandaise to any other than Ethe...

Holiday Sauce – Hollandaise to any other than Ethel

Holiday Sauce – Hollandaise to any other Ethel

I ‘member de first time Miz Ginny axed me t’ make dis here. I thought she done lost her mind. Ain’t no way you can take two sticks of butter and with four eggs an’ not make a greasy mess. I was dead wrong. Holiday sauce is some kinda good on asparagus, broccoli, poached eggs, shoot, it’s even good on a spoon.

Asparagus with Holiday Sauce4 egg yolks

Juice from 1 lemon

Cayenne pepper

2 sticks of butter cut into 8 pieces each

Put yolks in a small saucepan.  Beat the yolks with a fork.  Put on stove high heat.  Don’t take your hand off the pan.   You want to keep the pan a little bit beyond warm.  The eggs will curdle if the pan gets too hot. Pour in the lemon juice and cayenne and beat.  When they start to thicken a tiny bit, throw in a pat of butter.  Beat the yolks as the butter melts.  Then throw another pat until all the butter is all used.  Moving the pan on and off the burner to keep it just a little past warm.  Serve up right away.


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