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Hagar’s Perfect Day Recipe

Hagar’s Perfect Day Recipe

Hagar brown truckHagar’s Perfect Day Recipe

My perfect summer days don’t just happen. I have to make them turn out just the way I like them. At first light, I get up and attend to the calls of nature. Then, I bark for no other reason than the sheer joy of barking.

Once I’ve accomplished that I head back to bed until I hear my breakfast bowl getting filled with my food and homemade chicken foot broth, adds to the yum factor. Once I hear breakfast being made, if I’m quick, I can eat mine and some of Sophie’s too.

With breakfast and my first nap out of the way, I go over to big cedar after attending to more calls from nature. I lie down and check out the neighborhood. Sophie and Lots join me. When the sun gets to just the right spot all three of us stretch out in the tall grass and take nap number two. After that nap, we look to see if any of the young cows are in the fields on the other side of the fence.

The heifers (young cows) are easily spooked. While Lots watches, Sophie and I walk very slowly up close to the fence. Calling out, “Hey cows. How’s it going today?” The heifers are curious, so they come over to chat. That’s when Sophie and I make a big lunge at them from our side of the fence. Those cows run every which way while Sophie and I laugh and laugh. Good sport that! Cows must not be as smart as dogs because no dog would fall for that trick more than once. We make it part of our routine.

After a few rounds of scare-the-cows, we mosey over to the flower beds and dig around a little to get those pesky plants that keep getting put there out of the way before gettin’ down to snoozing. During nap number three we can’t relax, if someone finds us sleeping in the beds, we can get a serious chewing out. It makes no sense to me, what else are you supposed to do in a bed?

Assuming I have managed to get in a good long nap in the flowerbed without a balling out, the best part of the day is about to happen that is after a good long walk. The brown truck comes. Recently the brown truck has been coming almost every day. I heard because she has a new book. Seems like a lot of boxes for a book, but heck what do I know about books?

I love it when the brown truck comes. The guy that drives the brown truck throws out dog biscuits, really yummy ones. We bark and jump around, not exactly sure if he knows we are just sayin’ hey. He seems a little nervous, but you can’t ever tell with humans. Mary comes out to the truck and says every time, “I promise they won’t hurt you.” He just shrugs and hands her the boxes careful not to get too far from the brown truck. She carries the boxes into the house muttering something like “you knuckleheads.”

When I go to follow her into the house, she says, “Will you stop barking at that poor man! You scare him to death.” I know that’s not true because he is alive the next day when comes with more boxes and dog biscuits. I don’t know what’s up with that. I’m pretty sure he likes the game as much as the cows do. Especially since I’m not trying to scare him. When he’s in the back of the brown truck looking for a package, I climb right into the cab to lend my assistance. He obviously appreciates it because he throws another bone out in the grass and says, “go it!”-just like he was playing.

Dinnertime comes on the heels of the brown truck leaving. After that is more napping at Mary’s feet while she fixes her dinner. She does a lot of stepping over me to go the kitchen. I might have to get up to eat a tidbit or two, but mostly I make sure I am as close as I can be to my fav human until bedtime unless of course nobody notices me slip away. They can find curled up in what they call their bed, but I know better. You just can’t fool this dog. Hagar down for the count.

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