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Canine Conundrums


As chief contributor to Canine Conundrums I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Hagar, aka Biggus, Biggiebig and Mister Man Dog. My main and most especially favorite human is Mary. Ralph is up there on the list, too since he feeds me sometimes. That food thing counts for a lot in my book, but so does a good walk.


I like to think of myself as tall, dark and handsome, oh and very elegant? Some people say I am a tuxedo Great Dane what with my black and white markings. You can see from the picture that could easily be a dog model.


The way I see things, my main job is to love Mary. Since that is too easy, I give myself other jobs to do when I’m not eating or sleeping, which are my most favorite pastimes. Did I forget to mention a good bone, some bacon, a long walk. I love me some bacon. Did someone say walk? Oh, it was me. I love to go on walks. I prefer if Mary comes along, but my sister Sophie and I are happy to go off on our own. Sophie is a Great Dane like me, but different colors (I’m told). For some reason, Mary never seems very happy about us running off without her. We can be a real handful, as you can imagine. She can’t fool me, though, I know she is happy to see me when I get back even if she tries to pretend she’s not.


So I’ve decided that I like to write.  I know it’s Mary’s job to write in this family, but I thought I should get a piece of the action.  My blog is entitled ‘Canine Conundrums’ – good name, eh? You humans have lots of questions and so do I, so you can count on me to get to the bottom of things.  I may not have opposable thumbs, but I am a helluva storyteller!

Please enjoy these pictures of my humans and me and then check out my blogs below.  I write on a pretty regular basis, considering I lack opposable thumbs.  Clever guy, I am 🙂

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