Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

Going Away

EOnder what it's all aboutGoing Away

My sister and I were hanging out in the tall grass pretending we were mighty hunters.  Surveying our domain while watching the cows graze. You wouldn’t have been able to see us if you looked. The grass this time of year is that tall and thick. My eyes started to droop as the sun beat down on me.

Sophie growled quietly, “She’s going away again. I saw that box thing she takes with her.” She rolled over and stayed with her feet stuck up in the air. “I hate it when she goes away. We don’t get to eat until late, and there is no one to yell at us when we bark at that guy that drives the big brown truck.” Finally flopping back to her other side she continued, “What’s the fun in it if no one comes out and pays attention to us?”

I sat up and scratched behind my ear. “I think you’re reading too much into it. Mary usually tells us before she goes anywhere.” I stopped scratching. “I haven’t heard anything. It’s fun to bark even when she isn’t here. That guy always brings cookies, and you know he wouldn’t if we didn’t make him think we were going to bite him.”

Sophie laughed, “Can you imagine biting somebody? Ick, it would taste awful. I don’t get how humans can’t figure us out.”

“We’re too simple. People like things complicated. Just like going away. What is the sense in that? You got everything you could want right here.”

“There must be something to it because one of them is always going somewhere.” She got up stretched and wandered over to the shade plopping back down before musing, “I wonder what it’s all about. I’d kinda like to see.” Then added, “Beats me. Glad I’m a dog, is all I got to say.”

Joining Sophie in the shade, I concurred before falling fast asleep.

canine cunundrums


  1. DB

    25 June

    Hagar is more intelligent than a lot of the human beings I know.

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