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Giving Up Not an Option

A friend indeed. If my friend Church hadn’t held me up, I swear I would have fallen down.

Giving Up Not an Option 

I almost gave up, that is until they told me I would have to have a stretcher to take me out of the forest.  Quite possibly, the trek up the mountain through the impenetrable forest was the hardest thing I ever did physically. The idea of being hauled up on a stretcher was too mortifying to consider. But consider it, I did on several different occasions.  My son John armed with both a camera and his uncanny ability to make up a story kept me plodding along albeit slowly very very slowly, giving up not an option nor a stretcher.

Thanks to our guide Mier, and Francis my Sherpa, the two dragged me by the armpits the last 100 yards, I would have missed this magnificent creature. As it was, I couldn’t make my legs work well enough to see the rest of his troupe. Nevertheless, he was worth the climb.

All my humiliation and I’ll be the first to tell you humiliation abounded, disappeared when I laid eyes on this fellow. Next time I’ll know jet lag is more of a thing than I had ever imagined. A few other things I learned not to do before gorilla trekking.

  • Day four before setting out for the forest celebrate your sixty-seventh birthday.
  • Day three board a plane for Amsterdam at 6:45 pm.
  • Under no circumstances fall asleep on the seven-hour flight to Amsterdam.
  • Arrive in Amsterdam at 7:20 the following morning bleary-eyed but oh so eager.
  • Wait patiently perched on remarkably uncomfortable seats for your flight to Kampala at 10:35. Periodically jump up to search for a toilet that has less than a ten-person queue.

I’ll continue to share additional insights because Gorilla Trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is worth a little advanced preparation.


  1. virginia

    20 July

    wonderful. i want to hear how the rest of the story turns out. xoxo v

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