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Give a Dog a Blog

No photog dogWhat happens when you give a dog a blog?  Let me tell you a lot of things occur that you just wouldn’t have expected. All of a sudden I get cameras stuck on my back or every time I scratch someone is pointing one at me.

A dog can hardly take a nap without having it recorded. If this is fame, I’m not all that interested in it, thank you very much. Let me tell you writing Canine Conundrums is full of them conundrums.

I had to get the terms of this blogging straight with human Mary. When I feel inclined, I will share my thoughts. Don’t be pushing me to come up with a post whenever you don’t feel like writing one yourself. It is hard work for a dog to get all the mechanics of writing together. What with no lap, or rudimentary typing skills, when you think about it, it is a wonder I can do it at all. Did I hear treat?

I will not be a dog photog! You might think—Could you just scratch a little right under my chin? Aww, that is it and feels so oh g-o o–o-d! —it’s funny to see those videos, but I’m not—you don’t mind if I sit in your lap do you? —a working dog. My breed gave that blue collar foolishness up along time ago. We are styling dogs due to our good looks and elegant aesthetic. If you need a canine accessory call on a Dane, but don’t ask us to do the heavy lifting, not in out contract!

By the way, I’m not the only one that doesn’t like carrying the GoPro either. Lots O’ Dog -who is a working dog assuming you need rescuing in the snow- just lay down on the job so that pretty much leaves Sophie, the photog dog. It works out well. She seems to like the job so let her schlep that Lying down on the jobcamera around. It seems, she must not have gotten the Great Danes are not working dogs memo.

Now that calving season is over until fall, I have more time on my paws, and my plan is to spend most of it sleeping in the shade. If struck with a brilliant idea, I’ll get back to you. Yawn.

Time permitting and I am inclined, I might be able to fit in another piece on poop. You know that is one of my favorite topics. There is a possibility I could take some time out of my napping to investigate sleep more thoroughly. How about you move over just a little so I can just squeeze myself in. On second thought, why don’t you just sit over there in that chair while I stretch out here?

Hagar, snoring and out for now.



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