Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

Girl From South Sudan

girl from south sudanTall and dark, long and lovely, the girl from South Sudan passes and everyone she passes says, what? Wait. From afar, P is stunningly attractive. As she approaches, the injury to her left eye becomes visible. The injured eye sits about a ½ inch lower than her right and squints in such a way to beg speculation – what could have caused such a facial trauma? After hearing the story her sister told her, I do everything I can NOT to think of what might have befallen this sweet-tempered girl. However the injury occurred, it was too early in the girl’s life for her to remember.

P’s pioneering spirit presented itself to me early on, as she was the first girl to approach us for help; my friend Stacey for her kinesiology expertise, and me for Bemer time. A Bemer is a pulsed magnetic therapy machine that improves circulation. I brought it with me thinking it might improve or augment the general health of everyone at Rahab’s Corner. The reason the dark beauty gave for wanting to use the Bemer proved to me her acute powers of reasoning. A hard thick rope-like scar runs from her breastbone down to her navel. On a torso as long as hers, that is a lot of damaged tissue. Blessed with a brilliant mind and an interest in health, P wants to be a nurse. She deduced that the Bemer might help improve, or at least soften her traumatized midsection.

A few weeks after our first meeting, we sat together in the guest’s kitchen at Rahab’s Corner. With the hubbub of after-dinner chatter going on outside, several times I stopped the interview to quiet the noise outside as P relayed her horrific history in her soft gentle voice. Deferential without being obsequiousness, every gesture this sweet child makes is both charming and cringe-worthy.

Her story starts in a refugee camp in war-ridden Sudan where the child’s father left his family of eight children. P said,”My dad he likes me and loves me so much but my mom doesn’t love me. I don’t know why, but she just forgets me when she is buying this for others. She just forgets me.” There is nothing but resignation in her voice as she plainly states for reason’s unknown to her, then and now, that her mother has hated her since she can remember. The mother’s enmity toward her third to the last born child is a mystery to all in the family but her eldest sister.

Starved of maternal love, the little girl looked to this seven-years-older sister, Esther, for motherly affection. “I used to stay with her, even in bed at night. “One day she [the sister] told me, ‘Mom is not your real mother.’” The little girl,  trying to reason why she was the object of such distaff parental censure asked, “How do you know? Why does my mom hate me?”


We strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a broken world which has roughly
200 million orphans crying out for help. Pure & Faultless connects with those
believers who are already in the country where the needs exist. Through God’s grace
and your assistance, we help those who help them!



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