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Generations of Birthday Girls

Generations of Birthday Girls

Generations of Birthday Girls

Generations of Birthday GirlsWhat a Day! Generations of birthday girls in one place. Five Birthday Girls, Four and a Half Generations, to be exact. This past Saturday my son John used his creative genius to put together a surprise birthday party for me. If surprise were his chief goal, he succeeded. Because it never occurred to me anything other than dinner out with the fam filled my agenda for the evening, I wore no makeup, no party clothes just plain old me–so no pics.

What’s up with the 23rd?

The guest list included three other birthday girls, my sister, my niece, and my granddaughter. Two grandparents had to regret the invitation at the last minute due to the early arrival of their new granddaughter that morning. What precipitates such a plethora of June twenty-third births? Makes you wonder. Without breaking a sweat, I can bring five others to mind that share the same natal day.

A fest-a-phobe

A great present from this affair was the realization of how much I appreciated the gift of attendance. No one ever called me a party girl as I decline more parties than I attend. My youngest daughter, who came all the way from New York for the weekend, pointed out the fortunate nature of the surprise element of the party. I didn’t have to worry for weeks ahead of time. Until she made her observation, I hadn’t been aware of what a fest-a-phobe I was. When self-discovery in the cards, there is always more to learn.

Another gift was the perfect timing of this surprise as I am about to take off for the pearl of Africa in a few short weeks. It served as a bon voyage party so saving me from having to freak-out about yet another gathering of humanity. I’ve been told this trip will change me in many ways. Perhaps one will be leaving my fear of festivals behind. I think the time might be now.

Thank you, John, for giving me the best birthday ever, which happened to include a party. Perhaps I already am making progress. Happy birthday to all you 23rd-ers, I am honored to share the day with you.


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