Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

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For Immediate Release – Contact Denise Hood at 434 964 7511 if you’d like to interview the author

Charlottesville, Virginia

Done Growed UpSouthern Fiction At It’s Finest in a heartwarming, and sometimes heart wrenching, novel from local author, Mary Morony. Done Growed Up, the second book in Morony’s Apron Strings Trilogy, will be available for purchase on June 1, 2016.

When we last left the Mackey Family in the late 1950s, their lives were in turmoil. Divorce, alcoholism, racism, death, puberty – what WEREN’T they dealing with? Ethel, a black maid in a racist world – the true heart and soul of the Mackey Family, is the children’s only constant as she fights her own numerous demons. Twelve-year-old Sallee struggles to understand the world with little enlightenment from the adults around her. Ginny, newly divorced mother of four, finds that she doesn’t have the luxury of being the spoiled princess she once was. She is overwhelmed with responsibility, feelings of abandonment, and alcoholism. Joe, Ginny’s ex, and the children’s father, revels in new-found wealth and popularity with women, but agonizes over his children and the dangers within their broken family.  These characters and more will draw you into heartwarming moments and terrible tragedies and, maybe, teach you a few things in the process!

Author Mary Morony was born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, mainly by her family’s beloved black maid.  Her childhood was a time of segregated schools and many places that prohibited black people. Morony’s inspiration for the Apron Strings Trilogy was her strong relationship with her maid and caretaker, who taught her more about life and love than anyone has since. Morony also uses personal life tragedies and triumphs to produce novels with real experiences and true emotion.

“I feel like the trauma in my life has been a gift,” Morony says. “I felt compelled to pass on what I have learned to overcome those traumatic experiences. The Mackey Family was replete with candidates for counseling in Apron Strings. In Done Growed Up, the characters find methods to deal with their addictions, obsessions and anger.”

Morony’s first novel, Apron Strings, was released in 2014 and is touted as a “truly compelling novel” reminiscent of To Kill A Mockingbird and The Help. This novel’s story begins in the year when the state of Virginia attempted to desegregate the public school system. Morony’s story rings true with history and recounts the confusion and bigotry as seen from both sides of the issue. Her characters are compelling and relatable, with personal triumphs and tragedies of their own. Morony lets readers see into the characters’ very souls in order to create true kinships with her readers.

“In Apron Strings, I left some of my characters on the edge at the end. Resolutions to life issues are not always tied up in a neat little bow,” Morony explains. “I wanted my readers to know that they shouldn’t just wait around for someone to ‘happily ever after’ their own life.”


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