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Feedback Needed

Hello followers and friends! Just a brief message/plea from ME – Mary Morony – author of Apron Strings and Done Growed Up. I have one simple request. PLEASE OH PLEASE take a few minutes to review my books. I WANT your feedback. I NEED your feedback. I’D BE FOREVER GRATEFUL FOR your feedback! Simply put, reviews sell books and Amazon and I need to see that my books are being read and enjoyed 🙂 The third book in the trilogy, If It Ain’t One Thing, is ready to go. I’d like to know if you’re excited to see how things turn out for the Mackey’s.

thumbs upMy second novel, Done Growed Up, has received great accolades so far, as you’ll see below, but I’m dying to hear more insights. So if you’ll just take a few minutes and click the link below, you could give me YOUR insights on my writing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and have a super fantastic day!

Recent Reviews of Done Growed Up

5 out of 5 stars
A Colorful Yarn!
Mary Ithurraldeon – November 28, 2016
Format: Paperback

I thoroughly enjoyed this continuing saga of the Mackey family. The children’s personalities blossom, as they venture out into exciting arrays of experiences. Joe’s and Ginny’s “off and on” relationship is intriguing and keeps you guessing. Housekeeper Ethyl, a friend to all, seems to hold the whole shebang together and her life is a great contrast to that of the Mackey’s. The dialogue between the characters is wonderfully written and gives you better insight into their personalities and the protocol of the times.

5 out of 5 stars
Hard To Say What I Liked Most About Done Growed Up
Ann Robertson September 25, 2016
Format: Paperback
It’s hard to say what I liked the most about Done Growed Up. There was no one size fits all in this story. The author created a different circumstance for each Mackey to find their way. Sometimes with the aid of professionals and sometimes with the help of a special friend. However they did it, they all grew up.

At times I was reminded of my own childhood when I was afraid my mother might marry someone new after my father had died. It was a terrible time for me. The feelings and actions the Mackey children went through rang true to me. Good job Morony. It didn’t feel like the second in a trilogy.

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