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Ethel’s Southern Corn Pudding Recipe

Ethel’s Southern Corn Pudding Recipe

corncobsEthel’s Southern Corn Pudding Recipe follows story.

Helen skipped into the kitchen. “Ethel we are going to the corn farm. Daddy is taking us to the corn farm to pick corn. Doesn’t that sound like fun?” The little girl circumnavigated not only Ethel,  but the kitchen as well as she sang Old Mac Donald Had a Farm. In mid, “E -I – E – I – O,” she stopped. “Can we have corn pudding it I pick enough corn? I love your corn pudding.”

Ethel patted the child’s curly head. ” I reckon we can, but I ‘spect yo’ Mama is gonna want t’ have corn on the cob tonight. When it’s good n’ fresh. Maybe later on in the week, if yo’ mamma say so.”

“How many do I have to pick?” Helen asked.

“Oh, a dozen’ll do.” Ethel laughed. “I doan ‘spect you’ll have t’ be doin’ all de pickin’. Corn is mighty tall. You gonna need some help from yo’ daddy to pick even an ear and it’s hot work too.”

Helen pouted for a second before saying, “Well, I can point and he can pick. How bout that?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.”

Helen continued E – I – E – I- O-ing right out of the room leaving Ethel chuckling at the kitchen sink.

Corn Pudding

Preheat oven to 350°

10 – 12 ears of fresh corn clean and shucked

4 eggs

A good pour of milk about a cup all depends on how juicy the corn is

2 T butter

3-finger pinch of flour

1 speck of sugar depending on how sweet the corn is

Pinch of salt

Butter a 2 quart glass dish.

Grate the corn. Scrape down the husks with a knife to release all liquid.
Beat the milk and eggs together then add in flour salt and sugar. Add melted butter.
Stir all together until well blended.
Pour into buttered baking dish.
Bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes or till pudding is firm with a nice golden top


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