Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing


Ethel's Not Happy Pie Misses Make Sallee's GradeEthel

“Soft and round, Ethel was the color of coffee with cream, with big freckles dotting her broad nose. Her wide set eyes were light brown, and her lips were thin. Short, just over five feet tall; she weighed well over two hundred pounds.” —Apron Strings by Mary Morony

Although Ethel is the Mackey’s maid, she is far more than that.  She is the loving disciplinarian of her employer’s children and she takes pride in teaching them manners in the way she thinks her employer would want them taught. Her employer, Ginny, trusts her with them in her absence as she would trust a family member. She does not judge her on the color of her skin but by the love Ethel shows the children.

Sallee’s Just Blueberry Desserts

Sallee’s Just Blueberry Desserts Ethel had just finished putting away the groceries when Sallee skipped into the kitchen. “Hey, Ethel can you make some blueberry ice cream? We stopped at this roadside market. They had lots of fresh picked berries, so we got a bunch. I figured you could make a pie and some pancakes […]

Rhubarb Pie Makes Sense

Rhubarb Pie Makes Sense Rhubarb Pie Makes Sense The recipe follows the story. Sallee sat at the kitchen table sipping lemonade and eating saltines when Ginny came into the kitchen. “Ethel, I wonder if you would mind…” She fidgeted with a hangnail. “You see I have this friend…” She stopped then started up again, “I wasn’t […]

Angel Biscuits

Recipe for Helen’s Real Angel Biscuits follows the story. “Good mornin’ Lil’ Miss. What you got in store fo’ today?” Ethel asked Helen as the child slipped into her chair at the kitchen table. “Not so hot.”.Sallee and Gordy always get to spend the night out. Nobody ever asks me.” The child sighed as she put her chin […]

Grapefruit Custard Pie Recipe

Grapefruit Custard Pie Recipe follows a story. Ginny Mackey stood in the kitchen chatting with Ethel when her eyes fell on the box of grapefruits her brother James had sent from Florida and the other box of grapefruit her older brother Gordon had also sent. She groaned, “I wish they had a little more imagination. […]

Lost Appetite Found

Hot cheese hor ‘d oeuvres recipe follows story Lost Appetite Found  Tickled with her idea, Ethel bustled over to the icebox.  Pulling open the door, she began  to gather the fixings for Cheesy Bits. Sick for the last two days. Helen lay upstairs in bed wan and listless. No amount of suggestions on Ethel’s part […]

Turkey Leftovers

  “I was counting on turkey leftovers for dinner,” Gordy flopped on the sofa next to Stuart, “But oh, no, she has the blasted grinder out,” he groaned, “You know what that means?” Stuart squinted at her brother shaking her head, ” You mean Ethel? What grinder? And no I don’t know, what.” He sighed, […]

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

Recipe for Pumpkin Cake follows this story. The two women sat across the kitchen table from one another; Ginny held an awaiting pencil over her pad to take down Ethel’s dictation. Planning Thanksgiving dinner was a challenge. It was less than a week away and both women were determined to make it perfect. Ethel rattled off the givens: […]

Squirrel—Shoot, Skin, Cook, Eat

Joe woke early to a magnificent November Saturday. Silver frost glowed in the moonlight in patches on the lawn while beads of condensation wreathed the glass of his bedroom window. Hands behind his head, he laid in the warm bed remembering years before when his father rousted him out into the cold to hunt whatever […]

Apricot Nectar Cake Recipe

Apricot Nectar Cake Recipe Sallee Style The recipe is embedded in the story Sallee skipped into the kitchen waving a piece of paper. “Ethel, I had the best cake the other day at Dad’s house. His girlfriend The Rose made it. I liked it so much I asked her for the recipe. Look she gave […]

Cheese Soufflé Recipe

 Ethel Learns to Cook French Despite Herself – Cheese Soufflé Recipe follows the story Finally over the shame that had permeated every aspect of her being for as long as she could remember, Ginny decided to have a luncheon to celebrate. Grateful for her new life and friends she thought having them over would be the perfect […]