Mary Morony, Author of Apron Strings, Done Growed Up and If It Ain't One Thing

Energy Circling The Drain?


#5 in the series 21 Life Hacks You Need When Loving a Crazy

Here are 15 good reasons why:

  • You are stressed
  • You have low self-esteem.
  • You hold on to resentment, anger, and grudges.
  • You take life too seriously.
  • You manage time poorly.
  • You don’t know how to say no.
  • You don’t have a realistic view of yourself
  • You are out of shape
  • You lack self-care, including eating, sleeping, addictions
  • You have fuzzy boundaries
  • You have a victim mentality
  • You feel shame and false guilt
  • You have no freedom
  • You feel entitled
  • You have poor communication skills

If you love someone with mental health issues, I guarantee that you suffer from some of these energy sumps. The cost of participating in any of these habitual thoughts is less energy, knowing that just might help you banish some of these habits from your life. Giving away your energy is an expensive proposition, especially when you are dealing with mentally ill loved one. Caretaking takes everything you have and then more so unless you want to feel less than your best blow these bad habits out. You owe it to yourself.



  1. Debora LaMent

    1 May

    Was wondering where you were……glad you’re back.
    This winter has been long and rough. Looking down the list I have to admit I have been suffering from numbers 1… through 15! What the hell. Why leave any number out? They are all relevant. But I have recently changed my location and my mind set and I am working daily on an income producing rental property to add to our retirement plan.
    If you need a break, let me know. It’s yours any week it’s not rented. Sunshine and soft breezes have a healing power all their own.

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