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Double Take with a Side Eye

Double Take with a Side Eye

dreamstime_xs_3156110This afternoon I saw something I’ve never seen before. If you’ve been around the block as many times as I have, seeing something new is an event worth noting if for no other reason than its rarity.

Sophie, Hagar and I were out enjoying this 68° magnificent weather. Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be cold in January, and the mercury hit six, three days ago. I’ll take sixty-eight degrees over six any day. I understand that the pooches think I need to write less and walk more. Today I obliged them. We went for a long hike. On our homeward bound leg of the journey, we came upon a cow where I didn’t expect one to be.

I don’t like to take dogs in the field where the cows are. Sophie on occasion takes it in mind to disperse the clumps of cattle by charging into their midst, not good. Too many chances for something to go wrong for my taste.

Hagar trudged up the grade beside me. A pregnant heifer six weeks away from calving crested the ridge. She lumbered along possibly thinking about how to redo the nursery. Maybe she wondered what she had recently eaten that gave her cud such a particularly delectable nuance. Mama stopped, thought another bovine thought- perhaps questioning if she, in fact, did hear something coming from down the hill. Then the beast threw a side eye in our direction.

Hagar, always the dreamer was lost in his reverie (no doubt mulling over his next post.) and didn’t notice. Sister Soph some way behind us applied herself to chasing down the source of some fascinating odor. I watched, waiting to see what was going to happen. The gate where we were heading was far closer than the one we had passed through and I didn’t want to turn back.

This is when it happened. Having just thrown a side eye our way she took a step forward, belched and then chewed a little more. She stopped tilted her head, to think (?) and then as if she didn’t believe what her eyes told her whipped her massive head around to stare right at us. Never have I seen a cow take a double take. I started to laugh bringing Hagar back to the here and now. Clearly, Mrs. Angus had no idea what to make of the dog with the blog. He stood taller than one of her offspring and not as big around but you could tell she tried and failed to fit him into her calf model. The black beasts stood staring at one another until Biggie Big gave a sigh and slogged on past her.


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