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Dog With a Beef

Dog With A BeefHere is a dog with a beef, not the kind you eat. I would be down with that. The indignity of having to walk on a leash, I can hardly write about it I am so upset. I have a torn ACL, whatever that is. All I know is that my left hind legs hurts a lot except when I’m running. Then, I almost don’t notice. The problem is when I’m standing around or walking. That’s when Mary sees that my leg shakes. She says quakes. I thought that was something the earth did one time when I was a puppy.

My leg started quaking the day before they had all that turkey. What a pain too because I can’t use it to scratch my left ear, so you know my left ear itches more than usual. I heard Mary tell hubs that my vet couldn’t see me until Monday. She had to get some pills that make my legs hurt less which I like because then I can romp around like before that thing tore.

When Monday rolled around she took me to the vet. Oh, did I tell you I loved going to the vet? Paws down, it is my favorite place to go. Everybody there hugs me and gives me treats. I make every dog that comes in the door knows this is MY vet and they are not welcome.

Julie lets me sit in her lap while I wait for Ronnie to open the door to my own very special room. There is a big soft pad that I get to lie down on, and then Ronnie uses a machine she calls a laser that beeps a lot. She holds it on my sore leg while I sleep. Lying on the sofa might be the only thing that beats laser therapy for relaxations. My leg always feels better after it too.

A couple of years ago I had an operation, I don’t like operations, on the leg that hurts. It must have worn off because they are going to do the same thing in January. In the meantime, I am supposed to walk on a leash. If she would give me enough pills, I could run like the deer and wouldn’t need any old lead.\canine cunundrums


  1. debora

    2 December

    love and hugs to Hagar from Chance and Pye

  2. Julie

    6 December

    Love you Hagar!

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