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Dog Anxiety

Dog AnxietyDon’t leave us behind, Mary!  She left ten days ago. Just like she usually does, she got into her car and drove away except this time she didn’t come back. Not until yesterday, that is. I am getting around to forgiving her, but my dog anxiety was to the MAX.  I want to make sure she knows leaving me behind just isn’t going to cut it.

Sophie is good company. The pet sitter is okay too, but not knowing where my favorite human is and what she might be up to is cause for major worry.  Why didn’t she take me with her?  There is no question in my mind that my coming along could only improve things. Just think how much more successful her book signings would be if I made personal appearances. My public is always clamoring to see more of me. What a great opportunity missed.

I suppose we would also have to include Sophie. You couldn’t leave her at home alone. Without me there to assure her that everything was all right, she’d have BIG TIME separation anxiety. One little bump in the night would send Sophie into a shivering panic.  There is no telling how the lawn would look if I left Sophie at home alone. When my little sis gets anxious, she starts digging!  In Mary’s ten days long trip, Sophie dug up ALL of the newly planted grass. She swore she was after a vole, but I’m not buying her story.  So Mary – save the lawn and take us along, just like that.  Tah dah!  I’d snap my toes, but I believe I’d need opposable thumbs for that – and I have none.

My plan is to appeal to my fan base. You guys need to beg Mary to bring me along. I will work on her from my end, but I need help from all of my fans. Leave comments that say things like: We want Hagar and Bring the Dog with the blog and his sister too. In no time I’ll be in a bookstore near you.

See you then.

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  1. Debora

    31 August

    Gracie, Pye and I could not agree more.
    Debbie just got home one day ago and we saw her packing again today.
    Will it never end? What fresh hell is this?
    Let us know how you make out, Hagar.

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