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Common Sense Ethel’s Chicken Salad

Common Sense Ethel’s Chicken Salad

Ethel’s Chicken Salad with a Large Dash of Her Good Old Fashion Common Sense

Free Range ChickenDat ain’t no picture of a hen, any fool knows a rooster when dey sees one.

They is a sayin’ if life gives ya lemons make lemonade an’ ‘nother ’bout makin’ chicken salad outta chicken, well yo’ know. Lemonade is fine, I donne recommend de other. But dis here is a mighty good recipe fo’ plain ol’ chicken salad if I do say so.

 Ethel’s Chicken Salad 

 A stewing hen – Best if fresh killed. I like to go out in the chicken yard and take the oldest hen, snap off her head, and pluck ‘er dat morning. If ya gotta, yo’ buy one in the market. Mind yo’ it wonne taste as good.

A bay leaf

A big spoon of mayonnaise —home best

5-6 Celery ribs chopped

A good pinch of chopped parsley

½ onion grated – to taste

A small pinch of thyme

Salt & pepper to taste

French dressing —I makes my own but yo’ use store bought.

Put chicken in pot and cover with water add salt, bay leaf, and thyme to pot and cover.  Cook for about 45 minutes.  Let cool in stock. Pull meat from bones in bite-size pieces. Save broth for soup.

Mix chicken with some French dressing. Then add celery, mayonnaise enough to coat then add onion. Sprinkle with parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Before serving you can add halved green grapes, or seeded tangerines if you want to impress somebody. It’s jest fine plain.


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