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Chicken Feet Bone Broth YUM

Chicken Feet Bone Broth YUM


Chicken Feet Bone Broth -YUM

I have noticed that Ethel has been sharing a bunch of her recipes. Never one to be left out, I decided to post my favorite recipe.  Since I’m not much of a cook and the kind of food I find most delicious my readers might find less than appealing, I thought I would ask Mary, my human and personal chef if she would give me the recipe for the bone broth she adds to my food daily.  You see I have some pretty big joint issues. I also have some pretty big joints, haha! That was a joke get it? —ear scratch.

Where was I? I have a short attention spam comes from being a dog. Oh yeah, my recipe, um, Mary’s recipe for bone broth. She says she makes it because the collagen in it is good for my joints. I’m glad she makes it cuz it’s just plane good. I couldn’t  talk you into a little tummy rub could I? My leg is just too long; I can’t reach. Yes, there, y-e-s!

The BEST news is that bone broth is SUPER good for you.  Check out this infographic we love from the Cognitune – Smarter Health blog.


Here is the recipe. Mary says it’s so simple I could probably manage it. The problem is the counter weren’t off limits, which it is, not even to my nose. That is a hard rule in our house—NO NOSES ON THE COUNTER! Unfair really, considering how hard it is to be that close and not just take a sniff. Just goes to show what a master I am at restraint.

Chicken Feet Bone Broth

1 bunch of chicken feet

1 crockpot

Water to fill crockpot

Mary buys chicken feet frozen and doesn’t even to defrost them. She just puts the chicken feet in the crockpot fills it up with water and turns it on for 24 hours.  About half way through, she takes out a couple of cups to freeze for her use and refills the pot. Then she leaves it on low refilling when the water level gets low.

The girls and I get a couple of soup ladles full with every meal until the bones have disintegrated then we get them too and she starts the process all over again. DELICIOUS!


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