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Canine Conundrum Solved

Canine C
onundrum Solved

Here’s a burning question for you. Do dogs laugh? The question came to mind while reading a Daily Curio article. A few animals have been shown definitely to laugh. This list included rats, mice, and chimps as laughers. What, dogs are inclined to laughter? As you might imagine, I ran this by my resident expert on all things canine-centric. He laughed, not clear if it was with or at me.

Hagar stated all dogs are not capable of maintaining a blog. Since he assures me of his uniqueness in the category, he might be more adept in other areas as well.  It seems expressing their views for the greater community of hounds causes their owners to rely on conjecture perhaps that also includes laughing.

I am blessed with my very own version of Mr. Peabody sans The Way Back Machine. Still, whenever I want to know the answer to one of life’s burning dog related questions I go to Google. Because veracity (not dishonest, just thinks big) can sometimes be a challenge for Biggie-big, I like to have more than one source.

I found a recording of a pooch laughing when I played it Hagar’s head shot up like he heard the UPS truck at attention. He flopped back to sleep unimpressed within the space of a slow eye blink. When I conduct a similar experiment with Sophie, she did likewise. The recording sounded like a dog playing with a toy. Maybe, laughter? Here is the recording, you to decide.

It doesn’t sound like what I hear when my two yuck it up but then my buddies laugh out loud in my head. But, doesn’t everyone’s?

As much as I love looking up the answer, I don’t need a scientist to confirm the four-legged members of my family laugh. I’ve heard them. How about you?

My Google searching was not in vain, however. Here is a canine conundrum solved by science: when a dog is feeling positive their tail wags to their right side more than the left, and when experiencing negativity their tail wagging is more prone to the opposite side. Now there is some information you can use.


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