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Bring on the Blues

Bring on the Blues

BlueberriesBring on the Blues Hallelujah! Blueberries are healthy. There is proof now. Works for me, for years, I have awarded blueberries superstar status. Not because they are healthy, they just taste so damn good. Pancakes, waffles, buckles, pies you name it, always better with the blues.

My favorite blue-hued berry is loaded with phytonutrients, whatever those are.  Not wanting to continue to show my ignorance , I looked up phytonutrient to bandy the term around with full confidence.  What I discovered according to the Oxford American Dictionary, a substance found in certain plants which is believed to be beneficial to human health and help prevent various diseases. Might not be so confident in my bandying the term about.

Now antioxidant I know a bit more about, and in these, the plumb little indigo morsels are king. The little orbs combat free radicals that do untold harm on our cell structures. So eat it them up raw. These days graze bountiful bushes in my back yard.

You can learn a lot about a person just by watching how the approach berry picking. Hubs is a stay-in-one-place pickier while I am a browser. Blueberries freeze beautifully without losing much in their powerhouse full of nutrients. A perfect thing, considering how much our bushes produce these days.  We stuff ourselves so full while picking nary a one remains to freeze.

From what I’ve read both Hubs and I should be noticing improved memory in the next week or two. It might even slow down aging. The study doesn’t say how long the effects of an excellent berry season lasts. Since the season itself is short, I fear I will just begin to see results as the last of the fruits ripen. Oh well, I’ve eaten them for a lifetime because they are delicious I think I’ll continue along those lines everything is a bonus so bring on the blues!


  1. Barbara Terry

    22 June

    Love blueberries! Can’t get enough of them.

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