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Blessed vs. Privileged, Difference?

Blessed vs. Privileged, Difference?

privileged vs blessed

Blessed vs. Privileged, Difference?

Hagar grumbles and growls before inferring that I am lazy when I ask him a question worthy of a blog post. Maybe my readers will do the same.  My new book Done Growed Up in the Apron Strings Trilogy is out. One of the themes in this new book is the difference between blessed and privileged. I could tell you what I think the difference is but then you might not read the book.

I did a little research to see what people on the internet thought about privilege and blessing. Try it sometimes it proved to an interesting read. There is one thing for sure people are pretty definite about their thoughts on the topic. Rather than share mine, I thought I would ask you, my readers, to share your opinions.



  1. Stephanie

    15 June

    I think that a lot of people (myself included) use these terms interchangeably. You’re right, the internet has lots of interesting things to say about the topic. I’m not sure that I have a rock solid opinion but you’ve certainly given me some food for thought.

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