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Best Family

passportI have THE BEST FAMILY!

Last summer, my son accompanied a couple to Uganda on a mission. The Ugandan people so charmed him by he decided to return this year. He asked me to come with him. I declined his invitation and continued to decline his subsequent invitations as well. Until last week when clarity finally struck, in truth, my youngest daughter drove home the point.

Why on earth wouldn’t you go? How unbelievably blessed are you; your son wants to share something he holds so near and dear with you. You are going to be able to see the silverback gorillas!   I scare myself when I think how dense I can be at times. Thank God for the clear thinking of our children.

I didn’t know how much I wanted to go until Hubs asked about the expiration date of my current passport. We speculated for awhile until he volunteered to check, as he knew exactly where the document was. Correctamundo if I were the type who put things back where they belong -not my strongest suit. No passport and just two weeks to get a new one, immunizations and visas further clarified how much I wanted to go.

Hubs, daughter number three and I searched the house, opening every drawer and cupboard, no little blue booklet anywhere. We found some other lost things including a very old desiccated egg in a purse. I can’t explain it. Maybe a missed lunch. But back to my story.

It’s possible to expedite the process of getting a new one. With less than ten business days to do so entails a trip to D.C. in the heat, too. Ugh!

On top of that, a friend’s much anticipated new foal arrived.  (See baby trying to figure out how to get down once up.)

Without question, welcoming the youngest equine was the morning’s premier priority. After accomplishing our first goal, my plan was to attend to my documentation. I momentarily thought it strange that Hubs declined the invitation to greet the new baby. With so many thoughts zooming around in my head that one soon was crowded out.

As my wise daughter and I left for the barn, we discussed our plans for the day. The requirements for meeting all of the formations for this trip demanded a herculean effort. I started to feel overwhelmed. “Maybe I shouldn’t go,” I complained peevishly. “There is so much to do. Waa, waa, waa,” -it’s embarrassing really.

“Are you nuts?” She replied before ticking off the reasons why I should go, and how to accomplish all my tasks, besides getting her where she wanted to be at the time she wanted to be there. Aww… to be young and have such clear vision.

The phone rang. Hubs announced that he found the missing passport and that it was current. I have the best family. What’s more, I know it?


  1. I’m delighted that you’re coming indeed!

  2. John McAllister

    17 June

    Nice work Fralph and AK!

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