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Benefits Of Woo-Woo

Energy BodyWhen it comes to the benefits of woo-woo count me in. I am about as out there as they come. If something particularly health-wise can be accomplished energetically, I am all over it. My whole-hearted belief that we are energy beings fuels my logic – the most efficient way to treat illness is with energy. Like Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking we used to create it. The thinking that created my problems, and I imagine yours as well, is on based on the ultimate physicality of my body.

Before you call the guys in the white with the nets to cart me away to a home let me explain further. Physical bodies are energy slowed to a point that they appear solid. In fact, all mass is slowed energy. You don’t need to believe me – ask any physicist. It’s why laser therapy works.

Which is so cutting edge that only veterinarians use laser therapy routinely. I’m not sure why the AMA can’t get behind it I am not without my suspicions. Animals receive all kinds of amazing results from laser treatments. As have I.

Several years ago I broke my ankle. An interesting turn of events gave me a lovely comparison:

My orthopedist’s nurse happened to be hobbling around in the same boot the doc prescribed for me. She looked at my x-rays and commented; “So it seems we had the same injury on the same day on the same joint.” The only difference my ankle was about twenty years older than hers.

I continued going to the gym and had laser treatments three times a week on my injured joint She didn’t. Healed in three weeks I jettisoned the boot. She still sported hers three weeks later. I asked my doctor why didn’t he prescribe laser treatments.  He said there weren’t enough *io*studies. *ic*Oh *io*please!!*ic*

Recently, I took a course in Applied Kinesiology. From what I learned, Applied Kinesiology works on the energetic level. Now, we’re are getting into some serious “woo-woo” according to Wikipedia.  Notice on the link’s page kinesiology is *io*claimed*ic* to diagnose and treat ailments. And in another place on the site kinesiology ” is no more useful than random guessing.”  My friend, a practitioner of this exciting practice and a professional horsewoman, is in the process of creating an AK equine protocol.

I can’t tell you how delighted I am that the horses and dogs she’s been working on can’t read and aren’t influenced by popular opinion. The changes we see in these animals are nothing short of phenomenal, addressing everything from stiff stifles on a pregnant mare to calming jittery nerves.

For the fortunate humans who think wider than conventional medicine for help with health issues, kinesiology has worked wonders with relieving symptoms from allergies to emotional upset. This is my kind of woo-woo.


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