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Apricot Nectar Cake Recipe

Apricot Nectar Cake Recipe

Apricot cake. Autumn party dessertApricot Nectar Cake Recipe Sallee Style

The recipe is embedded in the story

Sallee skipped into the kitchen waving a piece of paper. “Ethel, I had the best cake the other day at Dad’s house. His girlfriend The Rose made it. I liked it so much I asked her for the recipe. Look she gave it to me.” She waved the paper at Ethel.

“Do you think we could make it one day?”

Taking the paper from Sallee Ethel looked over the recipe chuckling to herself, you and yo’ momma, always gots ta have somethin’ new t’ eat.

Take one yellow cake mix, add ¾ cups of apricot nectar and ¾ cup of oil. Mix in four eggs and a teaspoon of lemon flavoring. Pour into a greased bundt pan and bake for an hour in a 350°. When still hot pour juice of two lemons mixed with a ½ cup of powdered sugar over as a glaze.

“I ‘spect I ken make it. I’m not too sure how much yo’ momma is gonna like me makin’ a cake from Mista’ Joe’s lady friend, though.

“Oh,” Sallee waved her hand casually, “we don’t have to tell her where it came from. We can say it just sounded good.”

“Ain’t so sure ’bout the we. You are gonna have ask her to get the fixin’s. I ain’t got no apricot nectar or a cake mix. I ’spect she’ll want t’ know what we’s doin’ with all those things. Besides, I doan like tellin’ no lies.”

“Okay, I’ll ask. But it’s not a lie if I say I got this recipe and wanted you to make it.” She spread her hands out in front of her as emphasis. “Simple.”

“And if she asked where from?”

“I’ll just say a friend. I had it a friends house.”

Ethel shook her head, “It’s the thing I hate ’bout lying, you gotta think so far ahead, just easier to tell the truth and be done with it.




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